Seattle Vocational Institute is served by a highly trained and professional staff of full time and part time security gaurds. For any security issues please call Campus Security 206-934-4933.
Crime Statistics

This page contains the latest statistics on all major crimes that were committed on campus.

Security on Campus, Inc.

Security on Campus, Inc. is a non-profit organization whose website features statistics, tips, articles and other resources that the entire campus community and prospective members of it can use to gauge their safety, and take proactive steps to avoid and prevent campus crime.

Sex Offender Disclosure

Seattle Vocational Institute considers the protection of our community from sex offenders to be a matter of significant importance. The objective of the 1990 Community Protection Act was to provide adequate notice to the community concerning sex offenders who are, or will be attending classes or working on the campus, and to assist our community members in developing constructive plans to prepare themselves and their children for residing near released sex offenders. For more information including Level 2 and 3 sex offenders living in the area, click here.


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