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Outreach Services Providing Oral Health Care and Education to the Community

Washington Middle School - Screening and Treatment

Using funds provided by a Washington Dental Service Grant program, that was set up with the school district, a dentist and students from the SVI Dental Assistant Program did visual screenings of students attending Washington Middle School. Students who had dental problems (that were treatable by the Clinic at SVI) were brought to the clinic by their school nurse and treated.

Washington Middle School - Annual Health Fair

SVI Dental Assistant Program students participate in an annual health fair at Washington Middle School. Topics presented cover a wide range, including the effects of junk food and tobacco.

Leon Sullivan Care Facility

Now in it's third year, this outreach program enlists SVI Dental Assistant students in conjunction with students in the Dental Hygiene program at Seattle Central Community College and members of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority to give detailed hands-on demonstrations to the residents and staff of the Leon Sullivan Care Facility on oral health care, caring for their personal dental prosthetics and nutritional counseling.

First AME Head Start Student Education

Children at the First AME childcare centers, (the Dorothy Hollingsworth Center, the Cecilia Williams Bryant Center, the SVI Center and the main location) are given an introduction to the dental clinic including a tour of the facilities. Oral examination and cleanings are demonstrated and explained to the children. SVI students also gave presentations on nutrition and preventative oral health.

Washington Institute for the Blind

Dental Assistant students spent the day at The Washington Library for the Blind teaching people how to care for their Service Dog's dental needs. Personal oral health care and some of the products available were also shown and discussed.

Broadview Elementary School

Educational presentations about oral hygiene and preventative care were given to parents and children. Participants also attended panel discussions about oral health access for elementary school children.

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