Computer Support Technician
3 quarters

The Computer Support Technician Certificate program prepares students for entry-level employment in the computer field. Students will be taught the skills needed to prepare for the CompTIA A+ Certification Exam.

Coursework includes hardware components in personal and portable computers and peripherals, the structure and function of operating systems, and the skills to install, configure and maintain them. Additionally, students will get an introduction to networking technologies and develop knowledge of software in order to trouble-shoot computing problems. Students will design a career development strategy using field experience from an internship opportunity.

Gainful Employment Information
The Obama administration has created a broad set of rules to strengthen federal student aid programs at for-profit, nonprofit and public institutions by protecting students from aggressive or misleading recruiting practices, and by providing consumers with better information about the effectiveness of career college and training programs. To view the Gainful Employment information for SVI's Computer Support Technician program, please click here.


I-BEST programs are presented with the support of additional teachers who provide basic skills instruction in order to strengthen English, reading, and writing skills to help students prepare for further academic advancement and a future career.

Admission Policy

Students must meet the Assessment Test requirements for admissions.

course #  course titlecredits
Quarter I
COR 101Strategies for Success1.0
BOS 103Keyboarding3.0
ITC 102Intro. to Computer Systems3.0
MIC 101Intro. to Computer Apps 4.0
Quarter II
ITC 140Intro. to Computer Hardware5.0
ITC 134Computer Operating Systems5.0
Quarter III
COR 101Employment Skills3.0
BOS 103Network Essentials5.0
ITC 102Helpdesk User Support4.0

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