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General Education Development Preparation
SVI Computer LabThis open-entry/open-exit, self-paced, variable-length course prepares students for the General Educational Development Examination. It combines traditional instruction with computer-assisted and individual learning appropriate to student needs. Students ready for final testing in one or more of the of the five subjects areas will be assisted in making their appointments at the appropriate GED testing location. Students may start at any time on a space available basis. Enrollment fee is $25. Students must first take the Educational Planning Course (below).

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the course of study in the GED Program students should be able to:
  1. Demonstrate acquired/enhanced academic math, science social studies, and language; life skills; including goal setting, time management; note taking; reading for recall and comprehension; Standard English writing skills; verbal discourse; and critical thinking including expression, development, interpretation, analysis and synthesis of ideas, reflecting the Washington State Learning Standards.
  2. Demonstrate developed, practiced and acquired habits for overcoming barriers, particularly as related to academic achievement.
  3. Successfully test at the entry requirements of technical vocational programs at SVI.
  4. Be prepared and possess the necessary skills to pass the GED exam. For additional information please refer to the website.

Educational Planning Course
All students who want to take a professional/technical program, improve their literacy skills, or obtain their GED take this course first. The EPC helps students apply to the college, apply for financial aid, develop an educational plan, and identify barriers to their education and strategies to overcome them. In addition, students will be provided math and reading reviews before taking an assessment of their reading and math skills. Students find out in this course what their next best educational step is.


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