Pre-Apprenticeship Construction Training
2 quarters, 42.5 credits

Iron WorkerThis program is designed to assist men and women, including those non-traditionally employed in the trade, to gain the skills needed to become successful competitors for building and construction trade apprenticeship programs. Participants learn trade skills, which are relevant to the work-site of various trade occupations.

Topics include construction terminology, industrial safety and trades math. Students also learn forklift operation, and road flagging. Emphasis is on learning skills and adopting positive attitudes that lead to becoming a productive member of any work-site team or organization.

Subjects and activities that focus on building habits for success include personal learning styles, time management, understanding non-verbal communication, initiative taking, group-team communication, line/staff/team organization, etc.

Flagging and Forklift
Preparation for the flagging certification and forklift operator exams is offered as an integral part of the PACT program and is also available seperately as Continuing Education classes.

Flagging Certification
Prepares students for the road flagging certification examination. Students learn how to establish and maintain a safe traffic flow in a construction zone and understand both hazardous and safe behaviors involved in a variety of flagger situations. Students review the materials that are needed to successfully pass the Washington State three year flagger certification examination.

Forklift Operation and Certification
Trains students in the functions and parts of a forklift, OSHA forklift regulations, safety habits in forklift operation, and the proper picking, placing and moving of a variety of loads through the work site. Students will also take the test to become a Washington State certified forklift operator.

Gainful Employment Information
The Obama administration has created a broad set of rules to strengthen federal student aid programs at for-profit, nonprofit and public institutions by protecting students from aggressive or misleading recruiting practices, and by providing consumers with better information about the effectiveness of career college and training programs. To view the Gainful Employment information for SVI's PACT program, please click here.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the course of study in the Pre-Apprenticeship Construction Training Program students should be able to:
  1. Possess life skills such as punctuality, perseverance, positive attitude, and work ethic that will assure job success on a construction site.
  2. Possess skills to become indentured in a state-approved construction trades apprenticeship program. These skills are specific to each apprenticeship program and may include practice with hand tools, power tools, doing math problems, interview skills, tool and material identification, and resume preparation, among others.
  3. Possess the necessary skills to pass a valid Washington State Driver's License prior to referral to an apprenticeship program.
  4. Possess the necessary skills to pass the King County Carpenter's Safety and Orientation Test prior to referral to an apprenticeship program.
  5. Possess the necessary skills and hours requirements to achieve certifications in the following prior to referral to an apprenticeship program: Forklift Operation, Flagger (traffic control), Industrial First Aid and CPR and OSHA 10.

Steps To Success
New construction projects are starting daily in the Seattle, King County, Metropolitan area. The program at SVI offers immediate training for people interested in working in the construction industry and earning livable wages that lead to wage progression.

Admission Policy
Students planning to study for occupations in the PACT Program are required to have a high school diploma or GED and must meet the required Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System (CASAS) scores. This is a Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA) approved program.

During the regular school year PACT orientation is held every Friday (except holidays) from 11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. in room 102/103.

course #  course titlecredits
Quarter I
MTA 100Strategies for Success for PACT Students1.0
MTA 160Job Construction Skills2.0
MTA 162Trades Math I6.0
MTA 164Industrial First Aid/CPR0.5
MTA 165Road Flagging Certification0.5
MTA 167Construction Trades Training I3.0
MTA 168Construction Trades Training II3.5
MTA 172Forklift Operation and Certification1.0
MTA 174Tools and Material ID and Handling2.0
MTA 177Fitness and Nutrition I2.0
MTA 179OSHA 10 Safety Certification1.0
Quarter II
MTA 161Construction Job Readiness5.5
MTA 163Blueprint Reading3.5
MTA 169Construction Trades Training III2.0
MTA 170ASSET Preparation2.0
MTA 175Forms and Grades2.0
MTA 176Trades Math II2.5
MTA 178Fitness and Nutrition II2.5

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