Worker Retraining Programs
Worker Retraining Programs are offered in partnership with the Washington State Board of Community & Technical Colleges and the Washington State Employment Security Department. It is designed to provide job training for persons who are having difficulty in finding work due to diminishing occupations in the local workforce and/or need to upgrade their marketable skills to be competitive in the local economy. SVI offers a unique mix of professional/technical programs, which all lead to demand occupations in the Seattle-King County Workforce Development Area.
Worker Retraining staff members are available to help you select a vocational program that fits your needs. Worker Retraining Financial Aid provides tuition, fees, books and quarterly bus passes to eligible applicants.
You are eligible for financial assistance for Worker Retraining programs if you:
  • are a Dislocated Worker most recently employed in an occupation that is locally "not in demand" and are currently receiving Washington State Unemployment Compensation (UI)
  • have exhausted a Washington State UI claim within the past 2 years
  • were previously Self-Employed within the past 2 years and possess an expired business license
  • were previously dependant on a partner's income within the past 2 years and are now having to support yourself and/or your family (Displaced Homemaker)
  • are currently working in an "out of demand" occupation or are at risk of being laid off due to lacking the required marketable job skills (Vulnerable Worker)
  • are a Boeing Dislocated Worker with an issued WARN Notice
Approved Worker Retraining Programs at SVI
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